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Nugget Nation

After Effects   |   Photoshop   |   Devs Team


To create a high-impact mobile ad for promoting Mcdonald's 'Nugget Nation Day' in Singapore.


Singaporeans adore McNuggets and McDonalds are on a mission to break a Guinness World Record with 'Nugget Nation Day', giving away 50,000 nuggets to set a new record — most nuggets served in a day at a single restaurant. As part of the wider campaign, they have created nugget characters inspired by beloved Singaporean archetypes, to celebrate the event.


An interactive animation introducing Singaporeans to the 'Nugget Nation' world and the different nugget characters. The interactive element allows users to select which character they're most alike, promoting users to then take part in 'Nugget Nation Day'. The playful animation style mimics the fun and bold design of this campaign.

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