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Well-being is said to be the key to health and happiness, and there are 5 main factors that make up personal well-being: mindfulness, activeness, connecting with others, giving back & learning new skills.


By including all 5 of these factors into out daily lives, we can all achieve a better sense of personal well-being. 


However, for many of us it can be hard to schedule in this essential time out.


That’s why I designed this 2024 Well-being Calendar, with 52 scratch-out activities (one for each week of the year).

Each scratch-out activity features a different, seasonal task, that helps you to attain 1 of the 5 factors of personal well-being. 


Each activity has been designed to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of protected characteristics and without cost. 


The idea is that by scheduling 'time out' into a calendar, it encourages people to think of this time as part of their weekly routine, and as essential.


The illustrations throughout this calendar all give clues to each scratch out activity, and have been designed using bright and vibrant colours to create a sense of happiness and positivity. 

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