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Spark AR   |   After Effects   |   Photoshop


To create a shoppable mobile ad for the US and Canada, promoting Coca-Cola's new sub-brand 'Coca-Cola Spiced' and 'Coca-Cola Spiced Zero'.


"Coca-Cola Spiced" is not spicy; it combines the iconic taste of Coca-Cola with raspberry and spiced flavors. It's aimed at those aged 18-30 who are adventurous, creative, and enthusiasts of AR cameras, gaming, and social media.


An AR animation allowing users to virtually try on a Coca-Cola Spiced filter. The design features a vibrant and bold aesthetic with a playful animation style tailored for a creative Gen Z audience. The AR filter highlights the key raspberry and spiced flavors while maintaining a trendy look, encouraging users to download and share their spicy filters online.

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