The brief:

To illustrate the growing effect plastic is having on our marine life, and show how this is predicted to impact the future.

The solution:

A series of six posters that illustrate the build-up of plastic, and the reduction of marine life, in our oceans.

Each poster represents a different point in time: two for the past, two for the present, and two for the future, where it is predicted that, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the Ocean than fish.

As you move through each poster, you see the build-up of plastic and the reduction of marine life.

The posters can be viewed as a series of moving images, or as static images, to make them as accessible to the general public as possible.

The moving image series is designed to be advertised in underground stations and street panel ads, and the static imagery all around large cities, that contribute the most to this pollution.

Reversing our oceans editorial in contex