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The Royal National College for the blind is the UK's leading specialist collage for providing further education to people with a variety of visual impairments (VI). 


As well as being an educational facility, the college is also open to the public, with a range of leisure and hospitality services.

The college not only provides education to those with VI but also to the general public.


This series of prints was designed for the RNC, to help visitors gain a better understanding of VI.

Working directly with the RNC, I conducted interviews with 3 members of the collage: Lennie, Kerry and Rich. 

Lennie, Kerry and Rich all have differing VI, and in their interviews they each described their vision in detail.

From this, I created two portraits of each person; one showing how I see them and the other showing how they see themselves (based on their own descriptions of their sight).

The series was exhibited in the RNC and later shortlisted for the 2019 World Illustration Awards, as part of the research category.

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