Client Name: 

The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC)

The brief:

To create artwork, to be exhibited in the RNC building, that helps visitors of the college further understand different types of visual impairments (VI)

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The solution:

A visual representation of differing VI. 

The project relied heavily on primary research, working directly with the RNC, by attending meetings, participating in workshops, and conducting interviews with staff and students of the college, that have differing VI. 

I create a series of portraits based on three interviews with members of the college: Lennie, Kerry and Rich. 

For each person, I created one portrait of them in the way I see them, and one portrait of how they see themselves, based on their own description of their sight.

The series was exhibited in the RNC to give visitors and members, of the college and its leisure facilities, a better understanding of VI.

The project was later shortlisted for the 2019 World Illustration Awards, as part of the research category.

Alice_Combe_Visual Impairments 01.jpg
Alice_Combe_Visual Impairments 02.jpg
Alice_Combe_Visual Impairments 03.jpg