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Creative Designer

Lover of big ideas

Taking pride in creating work with purpose.

Portrait Photograph of Alice Combe | Creative, Designer & Illustrator

Passion for creation

Trained in digital design, copy writing and UX.

Hi there,

I'm Alice, an experienced creative with a passion for making work with impact.


As a creative, my process is to always prioritise my audience and ensure every visual decision is justified and purposeful. 

I gain my inspiration from all the things around me; whether it's an interesting article, a charity that's making a positive change, or a brand that has great ethics. I take pride in creating work that positively impacts the people or company it is aimed for.

Take a peak at some of my projects below.

Daily Doodles

• Creative Website Manager, Beauty and the Boutique

• World Illustration Awards Shortlist, 2019

• 1st Class hons, BA Illustration, Plymouth University

• Dissertation Award Winner, Plymouth University, 2019

I'd love to hear from you!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and projects, so please get in touch!

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