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One of the main challenges faced by people living with OCD is the social misconception surrounding the disorder.


Many believe that OCD is merely being clean and tidy and it has almost become a form of ‘slang’ that people use to refer to cleanliness.


This misconception means that OCD is not regarded with the same severity as other mental health disorders.


To help raise awareness around OCD, so it can gain the same recognition as other mental health disorders, I designed an OCD Box that helps to educate people about what obsessions and compulsions can truly be like to live with.

On each side of the box, there is a different interactive compulsion: a lock, numbers, a brain, hands, a tap, and a light (all made using paper & origami).


Each compulsion opens to reveal an obsessive quote from a person living with OCD.


I designed the box using primary colours, so from the outside, the compulsions look like a game, but once open, the obsessive quotes show how serious OCD truly is.


I later adapted this into an animation to further illustrate the juxtaposition between our social understanding and real life experiences of people living with OCD.

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