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Coca-Cola and
Marvel V2

After Effects   |   Photoshop   |   Devs Team


To create an interactive mobile ad that showcases the new collaboration between Coca-Cola and Marvel 'Project Epic', where the user can 'tap' a Coca-Cola drink for unstoppable uplift.


The 'Project Epic' collaboration is all about bringing Marvel fans everywhere unstoppable uplift when they're feeling bored, overwhelmed, or in a slump. To defeat these modern-day villains, 'Project Epic' is aligning different Marvel characters with Coke flavours, presenting Coke as the ultimate hero.


An interactive mobile ad where users can 'tap' to fill a glass with Coke and gain unstoppable uplift. Once the glass is filled, an iconic Marvel character is animated on screen to drink the Coke, igniting excitement and enthusiasm among Marvel fans everywhere. The ad is designed and animated to replicate Marvel's iconic comic book style while presenting Coca-Cola as the ultimate hero.

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