Endangered Asiatic Cheetah
Endangered Impala Antelope

The brief:

To create a social media campaign that raises awareness about endangered animals.

The solution:

To go through each letter of the alphabet, and create an illustrated GIF for an endangered animal, starting with 'A: The Asiatic Cheetah'.

Each gif shows a graphic-style animal headshot, that visually demonstrates why that animal is endangered. For example, the Asiatic Cheetah gif shows how anthropogenic expansion is overtaking the cheetah's natural habitat. 

Each gif is formatted for both Instagram grid and Instagram story, and each story asset provides further information about that animal and CTA to learn more. 


This social strategy aims to improve social engangement and direct viewers to a donations website. The idea is for one animal to be each week. Once all 26 animals have been posted, they can then be released as an animal alphabet print, to raise more money for endangered animals.