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Much animal endangerment is caused by us - humans. Whether that's due to overtaking natural habitats, causing ecological damage or hunting animals for sport. We have influenced the extinction and endangerment of wild species.

But we can also make a significant difference! If we adapt our cultural behaviours, we can help endangered animals survive. 

This series of animated gifs uses motion design to illustrate why different animals are endangered, in a quick and simple way.

The concept is for this to be a series of 26 animal gifs - one gif for every letter of the alphabet.

Each gif has been formatted for story, grid and reel placements with the intention of forming a social campaign that raises awareness about endangered animals.

This would be accompanied by copy and CTA's to provide more information about each animal and encourage a direct response.

This campaign could be used by animal and wildlife charities to improve engagement and direct viewers to a donations website.


On top of this, each gif has also been designed for print. So once the campaign is complete, the series can also be released as an animal alphabet print to raise additional funds.

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